Undertale Decor

So fun project for my beautiful god daughter’s 10th birthday!  I was requested to make Flowey but it me and I tend to go overboard!  I made Flowey, Sans, Muffet and whoever the sad ghost is… someone out there I’m sure and help me out with that one.

    When I said “made” my go-to is duct tape!  Since these where wall decorations I used an old calander as the base for most of it.  One it had no use and I like to repurpose but also the paper is sturdy but glossy which makes applying duct tape easier!

    You can see I cut the different elements individually and then put the tape and details on!

     They turned out great!  Little girl was so excited!

    Hope you enjoyed them as well!  

    To do it yourself you need:

    • Sturdy paper preferably with a gloss 
    • Colored duct tape
    • Scissors
    • Pen/pensil

    I always pull images of the characters up on my computer and copy from there.  For this particular project I did all the details separately. Since Sans is the one I have before and after pics of I’ll tell you how I made him:

    1. I free hand draw and cut out the elements that make up the character
    2. Started with the slippers drew one, cut it, traced it and cut the other
    3. Cut small pieces for his legs
    4. Next I did his shorts, I put him together as I cut each piece to see the fit
    5. Made a strip for his T-shirt, the part you can see so I didn’t waste much
    6. Again I made one half of his jacket then traced it for the other side, same with the collar
    7. Then his head and the details of his face
    8. Next step cover the pieces with the duct tape, trim the extra tape off (I save the cut off pieces to tape everything together and to fill holes)
    9. Once everything is colored start assembling your character, I stuck them first to each other with double-sided tape rolls then flipped it over and secured them a bit better on the back