Oregon Wine Guide

As I said if you read about me, when I’m not planning my ComicCon wedding to Negan I’m drinking wine! I live in the beautiful, wet pacific northwest and we got all kinds of wine. Our two most dominant ones are definitely Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but we have many more. So many more I thought I’d help you out with my personal top 10. I’m going to try to rank them but to be honest my top 3 are all so close!

#10 Lavelle. www.lavellevineyards.com

They have two locations. The winery (red) itself is well worth the slight drive out of town plus there are other vineyards out that way so I mean…since you’re out there why not? The reds are yummy, the blend formally known as trilogy if fantastic! Great cheese plate as well and both locations typically have music on Friday nights. Do check the hours at the wine bar before dropping by, it’s only open certain days and hours.

#9 Pfieffer. www.pfieffervineyards.com

This one is a bit north towards Junction City, again other vineyards along the way. They do burgers and blues on Friday nights. Live blues bands, fantastic catering and really great location. Large seating area for parties, quaint tasting room and then you go outside! Beautiful little garden and outdoor seating. Can’t wait for spring!

They have great wines too. If you are a port fan, I am not, but they do have a couple of them here. My roommate who loves ports tells me they are good! All wines are poured in the proper glasses…I know it sounds snobby but it really does make a difference. Before you call me crazy try your favorite Pinot noir in a white wine glass and then pour the same wine in a noir glass, they really do taste different.

#8 Abbelone http://abbelonewine.com/

This one is just on the outskirts of town near the raptor center and hiking!

A patient of mine tipped me off to this place (yes I have a job I’m a medical assistant, have to pay for all the wine and pics with Negan some how!) As you can see so far I’m very focused on the reds. In my opinion white wine isn’t worth drinking until I went to this place! I liked every wine they poured in my glass! Want free tasting and discount on wine? Sign up for their email! Movie in the vineyard every Friday night during the summer.

#7 Willamette Valley Vineyards. https://www.wvv.com/

I don’t really like that I like this place because it’s so over priced!! But I have to give them credit because the wine is great, the view is amazing and I’ve heard their restaurant is fantastic too.

They are located right off of I-5 near Oregon’s sad version of an amusement park Enchanted Forest. If you buy two bottles they will waive the tasting fee which is 15$ all by itself.

#6 Ponzi https://www.ponzivineyards.com/

This is another I wish I didn’t like because they are so spendy but again the overall experience is just worth it! Fire places, outdoor seating, yummy snacks and they have throw blankets for their guests to use making it very cozy!

Great bold reds! Helpful and knowledgeable staff. They really make it a special experience.

This one is northern Oregon, outside Portland.

Top 5 to come…