Dundee Hills Wine Tour

First stop Domaine Serene

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They actually have a drinkable Chardonnay, I’m not a white wine fan and normally the ol’chard is my least fav!  Moving on to their reds the Yamhill Curee was very tasty, my favorite after trying them all. It had nice spicy notes like clove and ginger.

Apparently the last couple of years they’ve had the # 1,2 & 3 pinots in the world.

The service and the view were wonderful. Definitely one to try again!


So next one was actually stop #3 because we didn’t stay at #2…30yr anniversary going on 40$ for 6 tastes and two where White’s…yuck! Lol so we went down to Durrant Vinyards Red Hill and got a bottle of Pinot.  We sat and enjoyed the grounds. They have great view of Hood and Mount Jefferson.

Had lunch at Red Barn market.  Great stop! The blue cheese is amazing! They serve their sandwiches open faced and toasted on an oven try.  The jojo’s were good but don’t waste your money…they were spendy and I could count them on the tray in a glance!  I paid 6.95$ for 9 jojo’s, so just under a buck a potato wedge!  The strawberry honey brew tea was very good.

Next up is De Ponte…their wines were good! Great baseball memoribila painting…hint the seals player is good ol’ lefty!  Nice stop, friendly and knowledgeable staff.  I would go to this one again!


Lange we went to thinking there was also goat cheese truffles! Hahaha! Nope! So far the whites suck, no big Surprise! But we are about to try the reds!! Ok maybe a shitty rosy then hopefully some better reds! Lol!

Reds were ok overall service was slow and I’d skip it next time.  Not to mention Jacob, our wine pourer gave us faulty directions to a water plant instead of a swimming hole! Bad Jacob!!

Torii Mor was by far my favorite of the day even though they ended with a port overall it was great! Nice view, good landscaping. The wine was amazing too! The people were so nice.

Overall the area is over priced for a bunch of chardonnay’s, Rose’s and Pinots. Not much selection in wines. Tastes started at $15 and went up to $25. Better to go with someone who knows and just buy a bottle.  The scenory is lovely but I prefer my wines down in the Elkton/Roseburg area to Dundee/Newburg area.



Author: annasnerdblock

"I drink wine and I know things" Tyrion Lannister, GOT well I drink wine and I know things about sci-fi/comic book nerd stuff. I know weird combo but hey it's me! hopefully I inspire you to take an Oregon wine tour or at least have a glass of wine while you catch the newest marvel fic!

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