The Wonder Woman Hype


Yes! Yes! Congrats already on being the first woman director of a woman based superhero movie! Bravo! Bravo! But as I’m looking for reviews on how the actual movie was all I can find is more about the woman director (Patty Jenkins), the money the female comic book superhero movie made it’s opening weekend…to be honest I’m more sad that Fifty Shades of Gray was the previous female directed biggest money maker. That was a bad movie and an even worse book series. Wonder Woman however is an epic comic book series and next weekend I will find out for myself how good the actual movie is! Then of course I’ll come back on here and tell you all about it! Hahaha! There will definitely be SPOILERS! Also I promise to only blog about the movie itself and not about how impressive it is for a chic directed, chic starred movie.  I am a chic and quiet frankly I don’t care if a dude or a chic directed the movie because the bottom line is I’m a comic book fan and would have watched it regardless! Not to mention Wonder Woman was the only character worth watching in Batman vs. Superman! Superman was whiney! And I can’t even get started on Fatman…oops! I mean Batman…Ben Affleck you should be ashamed. Seriously! You are no Bruce Wayne and definitely no Batman! You made the suit look fat! It was painful watching you try to portray one of my favorite hero’s.  Please do the franchise a favor and bow out now, trust me you can be replaced!


Author: annasnerdblock

Hello! so I'm that girl that likes to read the book then watch the flick! I like seeing what's different and trying to figure out why? sometimes it even works! follow me and we'll talk about TV shows, movies, books, comic con and food...gotta have food!

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