Move Over Spot! Mario Run is Here!

If you are a classic Super Mario Brother’s fan, which I am, than this game is great!  You get the first few Worlds with the free edition of the app in your google play store or whatever it is for you i-User’s.  The entire App is $9.99.  I admit I bought it.  I’ve had at least $9.99 worth of enjoyment from the app but I will be honest most of what I do is Rally and that is available in the free version.  Really you are just paying for access the all the Worlds.

Wondering how it works with just the touch of a finger?  This is way it’s called Mario RUN!  Mario is always in forward motion, he is always running!  You touch the screen to jump.  Timing really is the key here since you can’t go back, you can’t duck and you can’t just stop and wait unless you find a pause block or stop yourself behind a wall or pipe.

The worlds are fun. You move through each level collecting coins and killing enemies in typical Mario fashion.  You beat Browser or one of his flunky’s to move onto the next world all in a race to save Princess Peach.  Mario and Luigi still get BIG but as far as I have found there is no fire power (boo!)  You can also be Peach, Yoshi of a few colors and Toadstools of a few colors.  I like Luigi.  He jumps better than Mario and i like that he gets BIG, it’s like an extra life only getting small when an enemy strikes you instead  of dying!


Rallying, now this is what I enjoy most about the game.  You go against another users character trying to collect more coins in a course than your opponent.  You don’t “die”, You end up in a bubble. Just pop the bubble and you are off and running again!  Of course you loss time and a few coins in the process!  This is how you get more characters and open more decorations for your Mario Land.  Toadstools cheer you on at the Rally’s, the more fans the better the score at the end!


Go for a RUN today with Mario RUN!  Feel free to share pointers if you have any!



Author: annasnerdblock

"I drink wine and I know things" Tyrion Lannister, GOT well I drink wine and I know things about sci-fi/comic book nerd stuff. I know weird combo but hey it's me! hopefully I inspire you to take an Oregon wine tour or at least have a glass of wine while you catch the newest marvel fic!

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