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Dundee Hills Wine Tour

First stop Domaine Serene

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They actually have a drinkable Chardonnay, I’m not a white wine fan and normally the ol’chard is my least fav!  Moving on to their reds the Yamhill Curee was very tasty, my favorite after trying them all. It had nice spicy notes like clove and ginger.

Apparently the last couple of years they’ve had the # 1,2 & 3 pinots in the world.

The service and the view were wonderful. Definitely one to try again!


So next one was actually stop #3 because we didn’t stay at #2…30yr anniversary going on 40$ for 6 tastes and two where White’s…yuck! Lol so we went down to Durrant Vinyards Red Hill and got a bottle of Pinot.  We sat and enjoyed the grounds. They have great view of Hood and Mount Jefferson.

Had lunch at Red Barn market.  Great stop! The blue cheese is amazing! They serve their sandwiches open faced and toasted on an oven try.  The jojo’s were good but don’t waste your money…they were spendy and I could count them on the tray in a glance!  I paid 6.95$ for 9 jojo’s, so just under a buck a potato wedge!  The strawberry honey brew tea was very good.

Next up is De Ponte…their wines were good! Great baseball memoribila painting…hint the seals player is good ol’ lefty!  Nice stop, friendly and knowledgeable staff.  I would go to this one again!


Lange we went to thinking there was also goat cheese truffles! Hahaha! Nope! So far the whites suck, no big Surprise! But we are about to try the reds!! Ok maybe a shitty rosy then hopefully some better reds! Lol!

Reds were ok overall service was slow and I’d skip it next time.  Not to mention Jacob, our wine pourer gave us faulty directions to a water plant instead of a swimming hole! Bad Jacob!!

Torii Mor was by far my favorite of the day even though they ended with a port overall it was great! Nice view, good landscaping. The wine was amazing too! The people were so nice.

Overall the area is over priced for a bunch of chardonnay’s, Rose’s and Pinots. Not much selection in wines. Tastes started at $15 and went up to $25. Better to go with someone who knows and just buy a bottle.  The scenory is lovely but I prefer my wines down in the Elkton/Roseburg area to Dundee/Newburg area.


The Wonder Woman Hype


Yes! Yes! Congrats already on being the first woman director of a woman based superhero movie! Bravo! Bravo! But as I’m looking for reviews on how the actual movie was all I can find is more about the woman director (Patty Jenkins), the money the female comic book superhero movie made it’s opening weekend…to be honest I’m more sad that Fifty Shades of Gray was the previous female directed biggest money maker. That was a bad movie and an even worse book series. Wonder Woman however is an epic comic book series and next weekend I will find out for myself how good the actual movie is! Then of course I’ll come back on here and tell you all about it! Hahaha! There will definitely be SPOILERS! Also I promise to only blog about the movie itself and not about how impressive it is for a chic directed, chic starred movie.  I am a chic and quiet frankly I don’t care if a dude or a chic directed the movie because the bottom line is I’m a comic book fan and would have watched it regardless! Not to mention Wonder Woman was the only character worth watching in Batman vs. Superman! Superman was whiney! And I can’t even get started on Fatman…oops! I mean Batman…Ben Affleck you should be ashamed. Seriously! You are no Bruce Wayne and definitely no Batman! You made the suit look fat! It was painful watching you try to portray one of my favorite hero’s.  Please do the franchise a favor and bow out now, trust me you can be replaced!

Undertale Decor

So fun project for my beautiful god daughter’s 10th birthday!  I was requested to make Flowey but it me and I tend to go overboard!  I made Flowey, Sans, Muffet and whoever the sad ghost is… someone out there I’m sure and help me out with that one.

    When I said “made” my go-to is duct tape!  Since these where wall decorations I used an old calander as the base for most of it.  One it had no use and I like to repurpose but also the paper is sturdy but glossy which makes applying duct tape easier!

    You can see I cut the different elements individually and then put the tape and details on!

     They turned out great!  Little girl was so excited!

    Hope you enjoyed them as well!  

    To do it yourself you need:

    • Sturdy paper preferably with a gloss 
    • Colored duct tape
    • Scissors
    • Pen/pensil

    I always pull images of the characters up on my computer and copy from there.  For this particular project I did all the details separately. Since Sans is the one I have before and after pics of I’ll tell you how I made him:

    1. I free hand draw and cut out the elements that make up the character
    2. Started with the slippers drew one, cut it, traced it and cut the other
    3. Cut small pieces for his legs
    4. Next I did his shorts, I put him together as I cut each piece to see the fit
    5. Made a strip for his T-shirt, the part you can see so I didn’t waste much
    6. Again I made one half of his jacket then traced it for the other side, same with the collar
    7. Then his head and the details of his face
    8. Next step cover the pieces with the duct tape, trim the extra tape off (I save the cut off pieces to tape everything together and to fill holes)
    9. Once everything is colored start assembling your character, I stuck them first to each other with double-sided tape rolls then flipped it over and secured them a bit better on the back

    Move Over Spot! Mario Run is Here!

    If you are a classic Super Mario Brother’s fan, which I am, than this game is great!  You get the first few Worlds with the free edition of the app in your google play store or whatever it is for you i-User’s.  The entire App is $9.99.  I admit I bought it.  I’ve had at least $9.99 worth of enjoyment from the app but I will be honest most of what I do is Rally and that is available in the free version.  Really you are just paying for access the all the Worlds.

    Wondering how it works with just the touch of a finger?  This is way it’s called Mario RUN!  Mario is always in forward motion, he is always running!  You touch the screen to jump.  Timing really is the key here since you can’t go back, you can’t duck and you can’t just stop and wait unless you find a pause block or stop yourself behind a wall or pipe.

    The worlds are fun. You move through each level collecting coins and killing enemies in typical Mario fashion.  You beat Browser or one of his flunky’s to move onto the next world all in a race to save Princess Peach.  Mario and Luigi still get BIG but as far as I have found there is no fire power (boo!)  You can also be Peach, Yoshi of a few colors and Toadstools of a few colors.  I like Luigi.  He jumps better than Mario and i like that he gets BIG, it’s like an extra life only getting small when an enemy strikes you instead  of dying!


    Rallying, now this is what I enjoy most about the game.  You go against another users character trying to collect more coins in a course than your opponent.  You don’t “die”, You end up in a bubble. Just pop the bubble and you are off and running again!  Of course you loss time and a few coins in the process!  This is how you get more characters and open more decorations for your Mario Land.  Toadstools cheer you on at the Rally’s, the more fans the better the score at the end!


    Go for a RUN today with Mario RUN!  Feel free to share pointers if you have any!